The San Beda College Graduate School of Business (SBC-GSB) is an academic institution that offers a graduate degree leading to Master of Business Administration (MBA)and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

In light of the vision-mission of San Beda College, the Graduate School of Business envisions men and women who are:

  • PROFESSIONALLY COMPETENT as corporate and business individuals;
  • FULLY AWARE of their significant role in nation-building; and
  • RESPONSIBLY COMMITTED as agents of change for the betterment of society and the greater glory of God.



Thus, upon completion of their respective study programs, SBC-GSB student should have become:

  1. - Proficient both in oral and written communication;
  2. - Adequately informed about the significant political, social, economic, and technological variables affecting the business environment today from both the macro and micro perspectives;
  3. - Adept in the use of computer and their respective applications in the operations of a business;
  4. - Knowledgeable of the fundamental business management concepts and functions;
  5. - Analytical in the understanding of human behavior in the workplace;
  6. - Knowledgeable and exposed to marketing principles and realities;
  7. - Adept in the ability to evaluate the financial capabilities and operations of organizations;
  8. - Proficient in the use of quantitative tools and techniques necessary in decision making;
  9. - Exposed to various production concepts and operations;
  10. - Exposed to relevant and significant management strategies;
  11. - Aware of business and management ethical issues which are critical and inevitably part of the industry and the corporate world; and
  12. - Knowledgeable of recent business trends and developments in society and the global community.







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