REV. FR. ALOYSIUS MA. A. MARANAN, OSBA little over 1000 days ago, I took on the helm of San Beda College with a focused determination to drive the college to where the rest of world is going in pursuit of academic excellence and genuine service to the world. With the steadfast support of my brothers in the Benedictine community and the college administrators, I am happy to report that, in the past three years, we have prepared the building blocks for the college as it faces a completely different landscape compared to what we first saw in May of 2010.

Today, we are confronted with the challenge of a revolutionalized basic education system that impels us to rethink our vision for and formation of our young students.

Indeed, the relationship between our basic education program in our Rizal campus and our higher education program in Manila may have to be less than the seamless continuum that we got used to for many years.

We certainly have turned around the college in relation to its reputable standing among peer colleges and universities. The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), in its interim visit in late 2011, gave highly positive observations on the substantive improvements and promising initiatives made by the college, particularly in the College of Arts and Sciences. San Beda College is poised to further expand its portfolio of program offerings while at the same time reinforcing its national reputation as a leading school for law, accountancy, entrepreneurship and liturgy.

In the aspect of academic reform, we have established the Academic Council as the highest policy making body on matters of quality assurance, thematic research agenda, faculty rank, tenure and promotion, and the school’s long-term strategic directions. We have engendered a culture of accountability of academic departments and the service support units through requisite submissions of three-year action plans and regular, semestral accomplishments reports.

By expanding the portfolio of professorial chairs as well as grants for research, scholarship, travels for international and national conferences, and dissertation writing, we have bolstered research life among our faculty.  The past three years have seen stepped-up engagements in research and academic conferences by faculty and students.

In good times and bad, especially those brought about by natural calamities, we have reached out to our less fortunate brethren, their families and communities, by mobilizing our students and faculty through our community involvement and outreach programs. Amidst unexpected turmoil, sadness and tragedy that rocked student life, we have remained united and steadfast in our total respect for life and value for peace by nurturing a genuine community for our students and educating them about the unnecessary risks brought about by inductions to fraternities.

Overall, while abiding to our time-honoured commitments to academic excellence, research, service to the community, and engagement with the world, we have tried to remain true to San Beda College’s hallmarks of Benedictine education.

My administrators and I have built on its gains and strengths, corrected its weaknesses, explored opportunities, and ensured a firm grip on its journey to growth and transformation.  And as we look back at our accomplishments for the past three years, I welcome you to the threshold of a new and stronger San Beda College.






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