San Beda College Rizal

The College of Arts and Sciences is by far the largest of the colleges in San Beda College. Currently enrolling over 4000 students, it has eight undergraduate degree programs led by its nationally recognized Accountancy Program, conducting instruction, research and outreach in a wide variety of disciplines. 

The four-year bachelor’s degree programs in Accountancy, Economics and Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management and Systems Development, Human Resource Development Management,  Information and Communication Technology,  Legal Management, Marketing Management and Corporate Communications, Operations Management, Psychology, and Human Biology provide focused instruction on the fields of specialization and enable students to acquire technical knowledge and critical understanding of concepts, principles, systems and procedures pertinent to the field.  Practical experiences and structured learning activities in communities and internships in business and industry reinforce the technical competencies and flexibility of students as well as enrich their classroom discussions, enliven individual and group work, foster independent thinking, and deepen their personal reflections.  General education programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Theology, Filipino, English, Languages and Literature, Human Kinetics and National Service Training Program help optimize the undergraduate experience.

Moreover, these programs commonly integrate in their respective curricula and course syllabi learning experiences in such general knowledge and skills area as:

  1. -Oral and written communication
  2. -Ethical understanding and reasoning
  3. -Analytical, critical and reflective thinking
  4. -Qualitative and quantitative research
  5. -Appropriate use of information technology
  6. -Multicultural, gender and diversity understanding
  7. -Adaptability to and readiness for change
  8. -Risk taking
  9. -Leadership

As a Catholic institution run by the Benedictine order, both curricular and extra-curricular programs in the College of Arts and Sciences reflect strong adherence to Catholic teachings and Benedictine values of community, peace, prayer and work.


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