Institutional Objectives: San Beda College has a threefold task:

1. To provide students with a relevant Christian education:

    1. - By assisting them in the attainment of self-realization as individual persons;
    2. - By developing their physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social potentialities;
    3. - By giving them the necessary training for professional work grounded upon sound Christian values;
    4. - By creating opportunities that will enable them to dedicate themselves and become more deeply committed to Christ and his Church.

  • 2. To facilitate the intellectual development of the students:
    1. - By training them in methods of scholarship, research and creative endeavor;
    2. - By providing them with skills and experiences which maximize their chances for a meaningful, dignified life and responsible, responsive roles in society;
    3. - By molding their attitudes and strengthening the love for truth, peace and justice.

  • 3. To contribute to the progress of society:
    1. - By maintaining a high standard in all programs engaged in;
    2. - By cooperating in the advancement of knowledge and culture;
    3. - By affording a working atmosphere conducive to the personal and professional growth of the school personnel.

Special Objectives: The San Beda College of Law aims to produce competent Christian lawyers – lawyers who are learned in the law and who conduct themselves according to Christian principles and to the noblest traditions of the bench and the bar. To realize this objective, we educate the mind with the legal provisions and the heart with justice, civic consciousness, and respect for law, authority, and human rights.