The Academic Policies

          The QPI. The Quantity Point Index or the QPI is imposed upon all incoming students other than freshman. An incoming student shall not be readmitted unless s/he has obtained a QPI of at least 78% for all subjects taken in the San Beda College of Law for readmission to the First Year or admission to the Second Year, 79% for readmission to the Second year or admission to Third Year, and 80% for readmission to the Third Year or admission to the Fourth Year.

The Two Flunk Rule. A student who drops or fails the same subject twice shall be denied readmission by the College of Law.
The Academic Honors and Special Awards. The College of Law awards students who diligently worked not only during a semester but also the whole school year. To be qualified for Semestral and Annual Honor Rolls, a student must have a general weighted average of at least 84.5% provided however that the student carries a full academic load. Aside from this, medals for scholastic excellence are awarded to students whose average is at least 84.5% with no grade below 80%. The gold, silver and bronze medalists are entitled to scholarships.

Incoming freshmen students who graduated with honors are granted scholarships by the College. Summa cum Laude graduates are given 100% scholarship; Magna cum Laude, 75% and cum Laude, 50%. The scholarship grants are valid for one year only.

After the first year, 100%, 50% and 25% scholarships are granted to the students who obtained the highest, second highest and third highest general averages, respectively, in each batch. The award is based on the actual general weighted averages of final grades during the entire year preceding that for which the scholarships are granted. It is effective for one whole year.

The scholarships granted to incoming freshmen who graduated with honors and to the gold, silver and bronze medalists shall pertain to the tuition and does not include miscellaneous fees and other charges. Likewise, the student must carry full load.

The Officers of the San Beda Centralized Bar Operation, The Barrister and the Law Student Government shall be discounts on their tuition in proportion as recommended by the Dean, the Vice Dean and the Prefect of Student Affairs. The officers shall be entitled to this grant provided they enrol at least 50% of their subject during the semester during which the discount is applied for.




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