Rector-President Co-steers International Seminar for HEIs

Description: C:\Users\RPDC\Pictures\RPRDC PIC ARCHIVE 1\ADMIN,FACULTY & PERSONNEL\ADMIN\IMG_0666.jpgSBC Rector-President, Fr. Maranan, OSB, joins the drawing table for the International Seminar on Quality Assurance and Sustainability for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The event, to be held in Bali, Indonesia on Feb. 14 and 15, 2014 will gather luminaries in the academe and the business sector from all over the globe to confront key issues on education. Quality assurance systems such as accreditation, audit, accountability, rationalized faculty rankings and other mechanisms will be brought to the fore during the seminar.

Fr. Maranan seats with Dr. Mame S. Sutoko, Ir. (Rector, Widyatama University, Indonesia) and YBhg Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Anuwar Bin Ali (President/Vice-Chancellor Open University Malaysia) in the Steering Committee. Dr. Tita E. Branzuela (SBC International Affairs Manager) and Prof. Dr. Mansor Fadzil (Open University Malaysia) comprise the Organizing Committee. Dr. Ramon Benedicto N. Marcelino, RPRDC Director, is a member of the Review Committee.

Text Box: SBC Rector-President, the Very Reverend Aloysius A. Maranan, OSBThe organization of the international seminar is a project under the Memorandum of Agreement between University of Widyatama, Indonesia and San Beda College. Likewise, it is also a fusion of good will with the Open University Malaysia and San Beda College, Philippines.

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RPKMC Brief History

In December 2002, the Board of Trustees approved the institutionalization of research in San Beda College (SBC) and established the Research, Planning, and Development Center (RPDC). In 2014, The RPDC was change to Reasearch, Planning and Knowledge Management Center. The RPKMC is the school's response to the mission and challenge of generating information and knowledge. It lays down the policies and procedures that can cultivate a research-culture within SBC and coordinates the various research initiatives by the faculty and among SBC's different colleges. It also supports the office of the Rector-President for setting the directions and thrusts of the school, and assists the academic and non-academic offices by organizing and structuring data and other information for development planning purposes. In response to the dynamic research landscape, the Center also engaged in resource development, thus the shift in 2010 from RPDC to RPRDC and then to RPKMC.



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