The Registrar's Office is a support office of the institution that takes charge of maintaining, updating and evaluating students' records, keeping track of their progress towards the completion of their courses. It enforces government and school regulations regarding students' admission, enrollment, load, subject sequence, transfer, promotion and graduation, as well as, on proper building-up, maintenance of student records.




The Registrar's Office envisions itself to be an integral support office which upholds the Benedictine ideals of Prayer, Work, Community Life and Peace committed to the delivery of valued services so "THAT IN ALL THINGS, GOD MAY BE GLORIFIED."


In the fulfillment of this vision, we assess our strengths and weaknesses in aspects which constitute our Benedictine identity and strive to create an atmosphere that promotes the institution's core values and deliver quality services.



    1. Examines credentials of new students and transferees.
  1. 2. Makes requests for records of new students from their previous schools.
  2. 3. Builds-up, updates, maintains and disposes academic records of students.
  3. 4. Attends to prompt compliance of request for records and other information.
  4. 5. Issues certifications, Scholastic Performance Reports, clearance forms, transfer credentials, trascript of records and diplomas.
  5. 6. Verifies and authenticates documents released by the Office.
  6. 7. Checks subject load of students.
  7. 8. Determines year level placement of students.
  8. 9. Evaluates records of students.
  9. 10. Assist foreign students in seeking permission to study in the institution and in the submission of credentials to the Bureau of Immigration.
  10. 11. Issues dropping forms and overloading forms.
  11. 12. Assists students / graduates in applying for CAV (Certification, Authentication and Verification) from CHED.
  12. 13. Submits enrollment list to CHED.
  13. 14. Submits list of honor graduates to Professional Regulations Commission.
  14. 15. Attends to transactions with government offices or agencies regarding matters related to the functions of the office.


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