The Lions’s Den
“Read and Excel”

The slogan emphasizes the value of reading to Bedans in achieving excellence. It is supported by the logo, which depicts the significance of learning through reading. The logo shows the implication of reading in attaining excellence. The lower part of the lion is an image of an open book with its pages liberally turning. It is where the lion perfectly stand as if proclaiming its superiority. The turning pages indicates changes. This book signifies innovation - innovation of not only the Bedan populace but of the nation as well as it emancipates from ignorance and  unawareness. Behind the lion are books which signify for four libraries of San Beda - CAS library (Gregorio Concon Library), Law Library (Dean Feliciano Jover Memorial Library), Graduate School Library  and  Health Science  Library. The first three books encompasses the letters of P, A, and X. These books signify PAX or peace. The fourth book shows the image of the front side of the Benedictine medal. This further elaborates the importance of the Benedictines values to San Beda College. These two serve as foundation of learning of the Red Lion. It shelters the Red Lion which is situated in the center part of logo signifying the Bedan students. Lions are depicted in history as strong and noble. The Laurel leaves beside the lion signifies proclaiming of  victory. This whole is the Red Lion’s Den. The libraries of San Beda serve as the den of the lions of where tough training and molding is done in order to produce exceptional Bedan excellence.


The College library sponsored the Logo Design and Slogan Writing Competition to promote the library resources (print and online)   and services. Mary Ann G. Miranda, freshman accountancy student, was named as the Grand Prize Winner.

The winning entry is now the official logo of the College Library.




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