1. A bonafide student with valid identification card is entitled to borrow ten (10) books at a time subject to the  following rules: 
• Nine (9) general circulation books and one (1) reserve book at the CAS Library.
• Two (2) general circulation and one (1) reserve book at the Law, Graduate School and Health Sciences Libraries.

2. General circulation books are those that are found in the stack area. They may be borrowed for a period of one (1) week and may be renewed again if not in demand. However, general   circulation books in Health Sciences Library may be borrowed for a period of two (2) days only.

3. Reserve books are shelved only at the circulation counter. They may be borrowed within the day for only a period of five (5) hours and for overnight use starting at 4:00 in the afternoon and due for return the following day at 1:00 p.m.

4. Students must return the books at specified time. Otherwise, a fine of One Peso (P1.00) per day will be charged for unreturned general circulation books, six pesos and fifty centavos (P6.50) per day and fifty centavos (P0.50) per hour for reserve books in CAS Library, Law Library and Graduate School Libraries.

A fine of ten pesos (P10.00) per day will be charged for unreturned general circulation books and thirty pesos (P30.00) per day or two pesos and fifty centavos (P2.50) per hour for reserve books at the Health Sciences Library.

5. In case of lost or damaged book, the student has to replace the book with the same title and edition. If replacement is not possible, the price of book plus processing fee and overdue fine must be paid.

6. The library offers wireless internet connection (wi-fi). In order to avail of this service, the student must register his/her laptop or tablet at Bedanet.

7. The library adheres to the Intellectual Property Right Law on photocopying. Reproduction of an entire book is not permissible. (R.A. no. 8293)

8. Clearance must be secured from the library when:
• a student has an overdue book/fine during issuance of permit for examination by the Accounting office.
• a student is applying for graduation and or/ exit clearance.

9. Theses/Dissertations are strictly for library use only. Photocopying and digital capturing using cameras, cellular phones and other electronic devices are not allowed.

10. Bedañana (a collection of materials about San Beda College), must be availed within the library only. Photocopying of these materials is not allowed.




  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended. The library is not responsible for their losses/damages.
  • Students are expected to observe proper decorum and conduct in the library. Sanctions for offenses are dealt with accordingly; implementation of sanction for a major offense is in coordination with the Prefect of Discipline of each academic department.


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