Resources of Unit Libraries

2nd floor St. Maur’s Bldg.

CAS Library (Gregorio Concon Library)
• General Circulation Books
• Reserve and Room use Books
• Filipiniana and Coffee Table Books
• Faculty Section
• Harvard Business Review Collections
• Special Collections: National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA); Fidel Valdez Ramos (FVR) Collection; Bedan Publications; Benedictine Spirituality

Information Commons
• Reference Books • Online Resources (EBSCOhost, ProQuest Research Library, Infotrac Custom 250, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Cengage Philippine Collection, Taylor and Francis, Britannica Academic Edition, Clinical Key, eSCRA, Lex Libris (CD-ROM networked version), Newsweek (digital), The Wall Street Journal Asia and Business World Online) • Bedañana collection

Periodical Section

• Journals
• Magazines
• Faculty Research Journals
• Asian Development Bank and Philippine Stock Exchange Publications
• Information File (Newspaper Clippings and pamphlets)
• Newspapers in print and microfilm


4th Floor St. Bede’s Bldg.
CAS Library Extension
General Circulation books copyrighted 1999 and beyond


3rd Floor St. Maur’s Bldg.

Law Library (Dean Feliciano Jover Ledesma Memorial Library)
• Law Books (General Circulation, Reserve, Room Use and Reference)
• Philippine Laws (print and CD-ROM)
• Philippine Cases (print, CD-ROM (Lex Libris) and online    (e-SCRA) and Other Lex Libris CD-ROM Titles (e.g. Family Law, Labor & Social Legislation, Elections, etc.)
• Foreign Law Books • Legal Periodicals • Special Collections:      Dean Rodolfo Robles, Justice Roberto Concepcion,    Senator Raul Roco

Graduate School Library

• Business Books ( General Circulation, Reserve, Room Use and Reference)
• Business Periodicals
• Liturgy Books (General Circulation, Room Use, Reference)
• Liturgy Periodicals
• Rare Collection (Missalle Romanum)
• Rare Book Collection


2nd Floor St. Bede’s Bldg.

Library Extension for Graduate School of Business (Robert G. Coyiuto, Jr. Business Management Hall)
• Business Books copyrighted within the last 3 years and theses   provided by GSB Department.


2nd Floor St. Anselm’s Bldg.

Health Sciences Library
• Nursing and Medical Books (General Circulation, Reserve, Room Use, Reference) • Periodicals • Information File (Newspaper Clippings) • Online Resources (Clinical Key, EBSCOhost, ProQuest Research Library, Infotrac Custom 250, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Britannica Online, Taylor and Francis) • Instructional Materials (CD-ROM’s, DVD’s)





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