The Science Laboratories started as stockroom of Science apparatus and equipment prior to School Year 1967-1968. The custodian of materials was Bro. Jerome Penaso, assisted by Mr. Delfin Madlangbayan, Mr. Bello Ordonez, and Bro. Mauro Asuncion. Each department handled the acquisition of materials and deposited them in the stockroom.

During the first semester of School Year 1967-1968, the Office of the Science Laboratories was created. Fr. Rector Hildebrand Munoz appointed Rev. Fr. Raymundo de los Reyes as Head of the Science Laboratories. The Office of the Science Laboratories was situated in the former stockroom in the first floor of St Bede’s Hall between the Chemistry and the Physics Laboratories. The following were the Science Laboratories Heads and Staff from 1968 – March 2003.

The transfer of the Science Laboratories to Saint Maur’s Building

In the summer of 1995, the Science Laboratories in the St. Bede’s Hall were transferred to the newly-constructed building, St. Maur’s Hall. The Science Laboratories section of the St. Maur’s hall was named Andrew L. Gotianun Sr.Science Laboratories, in honor of an alumnus of SBC class 1947, Andrew L. Gotianun. The planning of the design and structures of the new Science Laboratories was facilitated by the Head, Mr. Crescencio Pimentel, with the assistance of the laboratory technician, Rowena G Ortiz, in consultation with the chief engineer of the building. The transfer of apparatus, equipment and other laboratory materials followed. From 1995 to March 2003, the Science Laboratories have been giving quality service by attending to the needs of the students and science teachers of the high school and the College of Arts Sciences during laboratory activities. Four Laboratories have been designed for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and General Science. To enhance the teaching learning process of teachers and students, two lecture rooms, an instrumentation room, and a reagent room were added. The main office of the Science Laboratories is in the second floor and an extension office in the third floor.

The Science Laboratories from April 2003 Onward

In April 2003, the Office of the Science Laboratories had started to respond to the needs of the new course offerings of San Beda College. The opening of the College of Nursing and Medicine and the offering of BS Psychology and Human Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences has made the Science Laboratories play a vital role to support the instructional programs. With the retirement of Dr Hayda Villona (2003-2010), Mr Danilo H. Seguban, has been appointed as the Head of the Laboratories from 2010 to present. He is being assisted by Ms. Roda Reyes laboratory technician, Ms. Benjelyn Inocencio laboratory technician, Ms. Almira Pineda laboratory technician, Rizal Campus and George Santos, laboratory Aide. In 2004, the Basic Education Department was moved to the new Campus in Taytay, Rizal, There were four laboratory rooms that have been designed for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and General Science in Rizal campus. The primary concern of the Office of Science Laboratories is to acquire up-to-date apparatus and equipment, and computer-aided materials in response to the needs of the Basic Education Department, the College Of Arts and Sciences, the College of Medicine, and the College of Nursing.



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