Welcome to SBU-College of Nursing!

The College offers a BSN program grounded on theories of nursing, caring science, and palliative philosophy. Our pedagogy is rooted in the Benedictine core values of prayer and work (ora et labora) and is reflected in our culture of excellence. Our College takes pride in utilizing novel methodologies in teaching and innovative strategies in integrating research as part of our community’s scholarly life. Embedded in the holistic formation of our students is honing their leadership potentials and capabilities, anchored on the values of compassion, competence, collaboration, community engagement, and cultural pluralism.

Come and join us!

Dr. Febes Catalina T. Aranas
Dean, College of Nursing

Contact Us
(+632) 735-6011 to 15
Dean's Office : Local 4112
Central Office: Local 4131


College of Nursing

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