The Graduate School of Business advances quality management through thought leadership and enhancement of strategic capabilities in a local and global context.



Oral and written communication abilities

As a graduate student, mastery in both the oral and written communication is a must. These are the primary requirements in every subject courses

Problem solving and critical thinking abilities

Case studies, précis, and current business issues are in the lifeblood of the graduate students. It is expected that sound judgment and critical thinking skills be fully utilized

Ethical reasoning

Bedan education is grounded on ethical values and reasoning. Students should embody St. Benedict’s teachings in every aspect of their learning and reasoning.

Management Specific:

Higher level of knowledge in the different management areas

Graduate students should be able to integrate their field of expertise to the wide array of business subjects that are strategically imbued in the curriculum.

Ability to adapt and innovate

The balancing act of working and studying, all at the same time, may bring struggles and hardships. But the student’s ability to adapt and innovate would spell success if he/she knows to use and maximize his/her resources.

Ability to lead

Leadership is highly expected amongst all graduate students. It defines what the graduate school is all about based from the leaders it produces.