My dear IBED Bedan family,

As we open the new Academic Year, AY 2018-2019, we praise and thank the Almighty   Father for bringing us together as one BEDAN Family in the Integrated Basic Education Department of San Beda University.

While we all take pride of San Beda University, we join the whole Bedan community in pursuing Academic Excellence, Quality and Relevant research, High Involvement in Extension Services, External Linkages and Efficient Student Services.

Furthermore, we push together our dream towards the integral Christian formation of every member of the IBED Family and the BEDAN community as well.

Let us join the university in the journey to growth and transformation. In particular, we call each one to focus more relentlessly toward one direction to the fulfilment of the IBED major tasks this Academic Year such as the following:

The continuous alignment of all Academic and Co-Curricular Programs and Activities with the school’s VISION-MISSION, goals, objectives and the 10 Hallmarks of Benedictine Education;
The preparation of the upcoming PAASCU resurvey of the department;
The active participation of every member on nurturing the environment to realize the AY 2018-2019 Theme: Stewardship Towards Creation;
The continuous and effective implementation of the K to 12 Program to all grade levels.

We hope and pray for the realization of these major tasks as we strive to become fully human, wholly Christian, truly Filipino and globally competitive.

To the students who were with us last year, welcome back to your second home. To the new students, thank you for choosing San Beda University as your second home.

That in all things God may be glorified.

Teresita T. Battad
Principal, Integrated Basic Education Department

Contact Us
Manila Campus:
(+632) 735-6011 to 15 Local 3111

Rizal Campus:
(+632) 660-9665 to 68
Central Office: Local 101

IBED Vision-Mission

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