I. Library Access

All libraries and facilities are closed until further notice but will continue to offer services and resources online.

II. Borrowing of Books 

Faculty and students who would like to borrow a book may send a request to the library and pick-up the requested material/s at the main entrance gate of the university.

  1. Search for the title of the book/s using the web OPAC  
  2. Send the complete book details (i.e., book title, author, call number) and a request for material pick-up via email to and/or the concerned Unit Library.
  3. The library will notify the borrower via email for the availability of requested material/s.
  4. Borrower may personally pick-up or arrange a delivery/courier service (book your own courier) to get the requested material/s. For SHS students, if minor, the parent/guardian may pick-up the book/s presenting the ID and registration form of the borrower.
  5. Pick-up time of the requested material/s is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday at the main gate of the university.
  6. Failure to pick-up the requested material/s within 2 working days upon notification will mean cancellation or forfeiture of the requested material/s.

III. Borrowing Privileges 

During pandemic, the loan period is extended.

Patron Type

Material Type

Loan Period / Overdue Fines
SHS and CAS students
1 Reserve and
9 General Circulation
10 General Circulation
Reserve - 1 week
Fine : 6.50/day
General Collection - 1 month Renewable 3x
Fine : 1.00/day
SHS and CAS Faculty
Full-time / Part-time - 10 books
Full-time : 1 semester
Part-time : 3 months
COL and
GS Law students
1 Reserve and
4 General Circulation
5 General Circulation
Reserve - 1 week
Fine : 6.50/day
General Collection - 2 weeks Renewable 3x
Fine : 1.00/day
COL Faculty
Full-time / Part-time - 10 books
Reserve  - 1 week
General Collection - 2 weeks Renewable 3x
CON and COM students
1 Reserve, 1 Reviewer and
3 General Circulation
5 General Circulation
Reserve/Reviewer - 3 days
Fine : 30.00/day
General Collection - 1week Renewable 2x
Fine : 10.00/day
CON and COM Faculty
Full-time – 8 books
Part-time – 4 books
Reserve/Reviewer - 1 month
General Circulation - 1 semester
GS Business and GS Liturgy student
3 General Circulation
1 week / Renewable 2x
Fine : 1.00/day
GS Business and GS Liturgy Faculty
Full-time / Part-time - 5 books
1 month
Administrators, Non Academic Personnel  and Benedictine Community
1 Reserve and
9 General Circulation
10 General Circulation
Reserve - 1 week
General Collection - 1 month

*Overdue fines accumulated during ECQ/MECQ are waived.

IV. Renewal of book/s

  1. Faculty and students can renew the borrowed book/s by sending an email to the library.
  2. Borrower must inform the librarian before the due date if they intend to renew the borrowed book/s to avoid overdue fines.


V. Returning of book/s

1. Book returns are accepted in 2 ways :

  • via drop-off, return the book/s at the book drop located at the main gate of the University.
  • via courier, the necessary booking and delivery fees will be shouldered by the borrower.

Address to: University Library


638 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila

Tel no. : (02) 8726-2332 loc. 6135

2. Kindly ensure that the book/s is/are placed in a bag/box.

3. Notify the library thru email regarding the book/s returned.

4. Book returns will be accepted from Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

5. For safety reasons, all items will be held in quarantine for one week before they are checked-in.

VI. Access to Online Resources

San Beda University Library subscribes to various online resources (e.g. e-books, e-journals, market research databases, legal databases, online encyclopedias, e-magazines, and e-newspaper) to support the instructional, curricular, research, and recreational needs of students and faculty.

These digital and online collections can be accessed directly through Log-in credentials can be requested by sending an email to and/or the concerned unit library.

VII. Online orientation & tutorials

Library research orientation and tutorials to use the online resources shall be offered online. For scheduling and appointments, please email us at and/or the concerned Unit Library.  

VIII. Electronic Document Delivery Service 

Faculty or students may request for assistance in securing or retrieving book chapter or articles in digital format (subject to copyright restrictions and availability).

  1. Search the title of the book/article using the web OPAC 
  2. Send the details of the book/article and a request for electronic document delivery to and/or the concerned Unit Library.  


IX. Online Reference Assistance / Help Desk 

Librarians will be available to answer queries from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm via email, phone, or chat. Queries received after office hours will be responded to on the following working day.

Unit/Section Library
Email Address
Contact number
SHS Library
8-726-2332 loc. 6135
CAS Library
8-726-2332 loc. 5135
Health Sciences Library
8-726-2332 loc. 4480
Law Library
8-726-2332 loc. 6510
Graduate School Library
8-726-2332 loc. 4480
E-Resource Section
8-726-2332 loc. 6135
Periodicals Section
8-726-2332 loc. 6135
Acquisition Section
8-726-2332 loc. 6135

For other concerns or queries, email us at or call 8726-2332 loc. 6135