The establishment of the Campus Network Office (CNO) addresses the computer needs of the administrators, faculty members, service personnel and students. The office is responsible for the networking, services, the computer laboratory operations and the information system needed by the different colleges and units. The head of the office is under the supervision of the Rector-President and Academic Division

Mission-Vision Statement

As a service unit of San Beda College, the Campus Network Office shall provide quality information technology resources and services to the administrators, faculty members, staff and students.

The Office envisions itself to become a center of excellence in the field of information technology.

Campus Network Office and Computer Laboratories

A. Campus Network Office

The Campus Network Office (CNO) handles installation (network and internet connection, hardware and software – servers and workstations) and maintenance of all computer facilities, including the campus-wide network and other related network equipment in the College. It handles also the registration of the official domain name for SBC.

The office also evaluates requests of the departments/administrative units regarding computer hardware and software requirements and recommends the appropriate computer system. The office is tasked to acquire and upgrade the software, hardware services to the College and to maintain the inventory list of computer supplies, related software manuals and original Licenses acquire.

The office is located at the 3rd Floor of St. Anselm Building. It is open from Monday until Friday from 08:00 am – 12:00nn and resume at 01:00pm – 5:00 pm and on Saturday from 08:00am – 12:00n

Email address: Trunkline no. 7356011 loc. 405

B. Computer Laboratories

The four (4) computer laboratories are equipped with LCD projector and sound system for lecture and hands-on classes. Student-Computer ratio is 1:1. Each computer laboratory is manned by a competent and experienced in-house staff, responsible for assisting students during hands-on activities. Three (3) computer laboratories are installed with the latest version of Windows Operating System (WOS) and one laboratory has a MAC operating system installation. Each computer laboratory has 46 units of computers with two (2) networked printers. These computers have access to the internet and are installed with the latest software.

C. Wifi and Internet

Effective September 2015, all classrooms, libraries and other social halls are equipped with Wi-Fi access. There are 133 indoor units of dual band WLAN access points (APs).. In addition, there is one outdoor unit of dual band WLAN antenna installed at the second floor of the bookstore to accommodate the entire grandstand and other areas like the hallway along the centennial going to accounting office. The type of user accounts and access method

The access method is WPA2 Enterprise. WPA2 Enterprise is also called 802.1x and is the enterprise method. This method shouldn't be used by home users as it requires a RADIUS authentication server and needs a username and password. It supports multiple accounts for each user. The SSID that everyone will see is SBCM, which means, once the device detects the SSID, their device will be automatically connected.

Administrators, faculty and students are given access to Internet using their laptops or any gadgets.

D. School ID

School ID is a contactless smart card. It is called “smart” because of the addition of a microprocessor chip securely sealed between the card layers. The smart card contains a tiny antenna that enables it to communicate by means of a radio frequency signal with a smart card reader

The office is responsible for designing and printing of the school ID. The new school ID is issued upon enrollment for new and old students. Administrators, faculty members and non-teaching personnel receive their school ID once they are employed full-time or parttime. The HR office is responsible for the issuance of memo for employee in order for the processing of their official employee ID.

E. Office 365 Tech Support

Administrators, faculty members, staff and students have privilege to install office 365 in their laptop/mobile phone/tablet/desktop using their email account in san Beda domain. They can install free office applications by having their email address of the school

Policies and Procedures

A. Wi-Fi. Administrators, faculty members (full-time and part-time) and students (officially enrolled of the current semester) can avail of Wi-Fi access. They can use any of the following: Tablet, Laptop and Mobile phone. It’s a single logon and one device at a time with unlimited hours.

Procedure for Wi-Fi

  • Present your official registration form or validated school ID to the Bedanet personnel
  • Sign on the Registration form
  • Get your user account and temporary password

For laptop. Bring your laptop for enterprise configuration

Office 365. Administrators, faculty members, staff and students can avail of office 365 accounts and get its free installation of Office 365 using their email address from sanbeda domain

  • Present your official registration form or validated school ID to the Bedanet personnel.
  • Sign on the Registration form
  • Password will be sent via your personal email address

Bedanet Personnel


RAPHAEL VILLAOS - Network Administrator

APOLINO D. AGAYO – Computer Technician

JOVITA DC. DRIS – Computer Lab. Asst

KENNETH S. PILAPIL - Computer Lab. Asst

JARELE C. ISIDORO – Computer Lab. Asst