The Guidance and Counseling Office is an integral component of San Beda University. The office shares in the responsibility of fulfilling the institution’s mission-vision in developing Bedans to become fully human, wholly Christian, truly Filipino and globally competitive in orientation, belief and practice eventually making them useful members of the Philippine society and the world.

The guidance and counseling services are preventive and developmental in nature. They are geared towards contributing to the personal, psychological-emotional, social, educational, and career development of students.  



            The following are the vital services that the office renders to answer the needs primarily of the students and of the school community. These services are continuously enhanced in the effort to provide the best possible assistance.

a.  Counseling


           Counseling is the heart of the guidance services. This service establishes a professional relationship between a counselor and a client in which the counselor attempts to assist the counselee to adjust to his/her aspects of life affecting his/her optimal development in social, physical, emotional, psychological, mental, career, and spiritual.

b.  Appraisal/Testing


           This service refers to the administration, interpretation, dissemination, and utilization of standardized psychological tests and other forms that measure mental ability, achievement, aptitude, diagnostic, interest, personality, etc. Profiles are disseminated to teachers, administrators, and parents to know more about the emotional-psychological condition of their students/children. An in-depth interpretation and individual and group testing are under this service.

c.  Individual Inventory


            Individual inventory is designed to enable concerned school personnel to have an awareness of each student’s personality, behavior, academic performance, and personal growth. It is a continuous process of accumulating pertinent data and other specific information about each student in the department from the time he/she enrolls to the time he/she graduates, transfers to another school, or is dropped from the enrollment list.

d.  Information


            This service is created and implemented primarily to provide updated and pertinent data which may be useful in designing programs to answer the developmental needs of the students. It is meant to gather and relay relevant facts needed by the members of the community for their education, personal, social and spiritual advancement. This service includes the following: career education programs, orientation programs, guidance week celebration, and guidance informational/educational materials.


e.   Career Guidance Program


           Career development of students is one area that the GCO considers vital. It is essential that guidance be provided to students in relation to career path even as early as elementary level until college. Developmental programs and activities for the students are geared towards self-understanding, development of competencies, career planning, and making informed decision on their educational and occupational choices.  GCO enriches its career guidance through the following: Career Education Program in GICP classes, Career Streaming Program, Lakbay Aral, Career testing, Symposia/Conference/Workshops, Mock Interviews, and Career Counseling.


f.   Research and Evaluation


            This service is designed to formally evaluate the office’s programs and services to gauge effectiveness. The GCO also engages in research activities utilizing guidance data as well as other data needed by the academic departments. By gathering accurate data through research and evaluation, the office is able to formulate and implement better programs, as well as to give appropriate and relevant recommendations to administrators and faculty.

The GCO also assists in the evaluation of the instructional program and support programs for purposes of improving the various departments’ programs, policies, and processes.

g.  Enrichment and Intervention

           The office designs and conducts enrichment and intervention programs to enhance the students’ normal growth and development process and to improve the quality of life experienced by students with special needs. Areas that are considered essential in these programs include: basic life and coping skills and strategies, values formation, attitude and behavioral modification/management, parent formation, and crisis management, etc. These programs can be delivered through seminars, trainings, forum, focus group discussion, consultation, etc.


h.   Staff Development


            This program was primarily designed in view of providing the guidance personnel activities for personal and professional advancement. Participation in different guidance meetings, in-service training, seminar-workshops and formation programs, affiliation with accredited organizations, and pursuing further studies are included in this program.