Admission Policies

Take note of the admission policies of the College of Nursing. The Department reserves the right to deny application if required policies have not been met.

a.    Grade Average of 82 with no failing grade in any subject
b.    Passed entrance examination and interview
c.    Favorable recommendation from officials of the last school attended

a.    GPA/GWA of 82 from last school attended
b.     No failing grade
c.    No incomplete grade nor withdrawn subject without permission in more than
       3 units per semester
d.    Passed entrance examination and interview
e.    Favorable recommendation from officials of the last school attended
- Admission is limited only to those seeking enlistment in the first or second year of the desired course.

- Transferee must not have been previously enrolled in two or more colleges or
universities unless grades are exceptionally high.

- Former San Beda University student who transferred to another college/university is not allowed for re-admission.

- For accreditation of courses: A subject with a grade of 82 and above, which has the same description as the subject offered under the degree program, will be credited. However, it may be repeated if deemed necessary by the Board of Admissions.



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