1. The San Beda College of Law admits only those applicants whose credentials and personal qualifications yield evidence that they can offer an excellent academic performance and profit from the intellectual, social and spiritual opportunities offered by the College.

1. An applicant for admission to the law course should have pursued and satisfactorily completed in an authorized and recognized university or college the courses of study prescribed for a bachelor’s degree in arts or sciences; and should have earned the following number of units in preparatory law course: 18 units of English, 18 units of Social Science, 6 units of Mathematics and 6 units of Filipino.

Note:  A bachelor’s degree holder who passed the entrance examination but lacks the required number of units in the required courses may conditionally enter the College of Law, but must satisfy these requirements before admission to Second Year Law.

2. All students entering the San Beda College of Law for the first time shall take an entrance examination, which consists mainly of a test of logic, comprehension, articulation, and aptitude for the law profession.  Entrance examinations are given, upon prior application, in accordance with the schedule duly announced, generally at any time between the closing of the school year and reopening of classes.


3. As a matter of policy, the San Beda College of Law does not accept transferees from other schools, except in extremely meritorious cases as may be determined by the Dean.

4. All new students enrolling in the College of Law or reenrolling after an absence of two consecutive semesters are under academic probation for the entire school year.  Old students may be admitted on probation in attendance, conduct or academics.  In such cases, the Committee on Admission or the Dean may set the conditions under which they are admitted on probation.


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For Entrance Exam:
1.  Official Transcript of Records (TOR)

        If  TOR is not yet available – Transfer Credentials or Certificate of Graduation

        For Graduating Students – Certificate of Candidacy for Graduation

2.  Two Certificates of Good Moral Character (and photocopy of each):

- from any of the following: Dean, Prefect of Students,
guidance counselor and supervisor/HR Manager of company working for

Note: If  there is only one office from your school which is authorized to
issue Good Moral Certificate, request a recommendation letter from
your professor.

3.  Printed online application form with a 2x2 photo.
Link to the Online Application Form:

4.  Photocopy of Philippines Statistics Authority(PSA) Birth Certificate
5. Three (3) pcs. of 2x2 photos –white background (with full name in front)   
6.  Application and testing fee of P 1,300.00


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1. Submit the requirements to the Admissions Center.
2. Get a receipt from the Accounting Office and pay the application/testing fee of
     P1,300.00 at the Cashier’s Office.
3. Secure entrance examination permit from the Admissions Center.
4. Take the entrance exam as scheduled. 
5. Claim the test result at the Admissions Center on the release date.  The exam     
     result can be accessed at the SBC website.
6. Examinees who qualify for admission must reserve their enrolment slots in                the  amount of P 3,000.00.
7. Prepare the following requirements to be submitted during enrolment:

a. Original Official Transcript of Records (TOR with remarks: “For
Further Studies” or “For Copy of San Beda College of Law”)

If the school does not issue a TOR with the said remarks, submit a Certificate of Graduation and Transfer Credentials.

If the above-mentioned documents are not yet available, submit a  certification from the Registrar’s office of the
College/University, stating the DATE when the TOR will be
released; or a photocopy of the receipt of your request for the document if the College/University is not issuing such

b. Two Original Certificates of Good Moral Character:
- from any of the following: the Dean, the Prefect, guidance
counselor and supervisor/HR Manager of company working for 

c. One (1) original copy, with one clear photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by Philippines Statistics Authority (PSA)

d. Photocopy of the Marriage Contract (for female enrollees)

e. Certificate of Special Order (S.O.) from the Registrar of last school attended (Exempted to submit S.O.: graduates of state universities  
and of colleges/universities that are included in the roster of private
higher education institutions with autonomy or deregulated status)

f.   Certificate of Employment indicating working hours, SSS No. & TIN   (for working students)

g. LSQT Examinee Report, Admission Result and Enrollment Permit

h. PhiLSAT Result

i. Seven (7)  ID photos:

    - Dean’s office - three (3) 1  x 1  and Two (1) 1 ½ x 1 ½
    - Clinic – one (1) 1  x 1 
    - Library – one (1x1)

For those with Latin Honors: Submit a TOR or a Certificate from the Registrar’s Office (indicating the honors received) to the COL-Guidance and Counseling Office before the enrollment period in order to process your scholarship.

8. Come promptly during the scheduled enrolment.



  •  1. Submit scanned copies of the following through e-mail (
  • - Official Transcript of Records (TOR)

- If TOR is not yet available – Honorable Dismissal or Certificate of Graduation

- For Graduating Students – Certificate of Candidacy for Graduation

        - Application form (with signature)Link:

      - Certification of Good Moral Character from two authorities of last school attended

      - PSA Birth Certificate


  • 2. Wait for e-mail confirmation of receipt of documents and instruction. If qualified to apply, prepare the hard copy of the requirements for submission via mail.

  • 3. Pay the application/testing fee of Php 1,300.00 through bank under the account of San Beda College.

Security Bank – 0341-008565-203
Equicom – 011-02-00237-4
Metrobank – 082-3-08248237-8



  • 4. Submit all the requirements through mail together with the bank deposit slip as proof of payment for testing.

 Mailing Address: Admissions Center 
                          San Beda College
                          638 Mendiola St., San Miguel, Manila


  • 5. Wait for confirmation of receipt of documents and instruction through the contact information you indicated.

  • 6. Take the entrance exam as scheduled.

    • 7. Access SBC website for the results on the release date. 




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