After the vicissitudes of World War II, San Beda College decided to expand its role in the higher education of the Filipino youth and on 01 July 1948, opened the College of Law.  The College began with the first year, and progressively offered the upper classes from year to year.  The full four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws was opened in 1951, when the fourth year was offered for the first time.


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COL Vision-Mission

San Beda University, a Catholic educational institution, is committed to the Christian formation of the Filipino youth as its service to the Church and Philippine Society, and its contribution to building the future.


As it pursues its apostolate, San Beda University envisions:

A new world
where all people live in unity and peace founded on justice, respect for human dignity,    and recognition of human rights,

where the environment is protected as the setting of life and the source of sustenance,

where development – economic, political, and cultural benefits all levels and sectors of society, and

where the advancement of science and technology is complemented by moral and spiritual renewal;

The Church, in its third millennium
proclaiming the gospel with greater zeal and vigor, renewing its life of faith, service, and celebration, leading its people to conversion and apostolic commitment, and making salvation a reality is this world, especially among the poor and suffering.

 A new Philippines,
where all citizens are united by a sense of nationhood and national identity, empowered to create a social order in accordance with their aspirations, given their just share of material wealth, enriched by their awareness of history and culture, and committed to building a just and humane society.

Itself, growing as
a community striving to be fully human, wholly Christian, and truly Filipino, and responding to the call to service and leadership;

a Benedictine community drawn together by prayer, work, and study, and the search for peace;

a learning community that pursues knowledge and truth, availing of the heritage of culture and the resources of technology, and

a serving community that, joined with others, contributes to the transformation of society, and helps to build the larger communities of nation, Church, and world.


With hope for the realization of that vision, San Beda University aims:

To participate fully in the task of evangelization through the Christian formation of the school community composed of students, parents, faculty members, service personnel, administrators, and alumni;

To provide education that upholds Christian Benedictine values;  promote peace, justice, nationalism, global consciousness, social service and care for the environment; pursues academic excellence; and develop character, professional competence, and leadership.

To continuously build itself as a Christian community in which all sectors of the school share in a life of faith and prayer;  serve one another, the larger community, and especially the suffering and the poor in the spirit of solidarity and compassion;  strive together for the perfection of unity and peace;  and fulfill their vocation to lead, to teach, to serve, and to be witnesses for Christ.