The Center's Research Program

San Beda University's research and development thrusts aim to build a culture of research and innovation and bolster research productivity among faculty and students.


• Develop core research capabilities

• Allocate resources for research

• Expand portfolio of school-based research grants

• Explore external research resources through direct application, collaborations and linkages

• Align research with internal and external funding sources

• Develop a system for rewarding outstanding research

• Develop a common and unified research agenda

• Develop a common and unified test tester

The Agenda

San Beda University aspires to be a dynamic hub where the expertise of diverse disciplines converge with industry to create, integrate, and disseminate knowledge that generates relevant solutions to the most pressing concerns of Philippine society in this globalized era. Our interdisciplinary scholarship and innovation undertakings:

  • cultivate transformative leadership and governance systems anchored on Benedictine Catholic spirituality, that will uphold human life and dignity, overcome social inequalities and injustice, and catalyze national development that is equitable and inclusive;

  • explore the multi-faceted determinants of environmental concerns and offer holistic, efficient, and sustainable responses to these challenges, including interventions that strengthen the resilience of Filipino communities to the adverse effects of climate change;

  • generate innovative and accessible material and non-material health technologies, promote positive health-seeking behaviors, and provide meaningful inputs to public health policy and professional practice to improve the national health care system; and

  • provide rich strategic marketing, operational, financial, legal, technical and social insights to boost 21st-century management thinking, and nurture a productive and competitive innovation-based entrepreneurship culture that uplifts community livelihood and affords a high quality of life to all Filipinos.

Faculty and Staff Development Grants Program

San Beda University's dedication to the Christian formation of the youth stands to the forefront of the millennium. The national and global feats of Bedan luminaries testify to this commitment.


Faculty development is eyed as among the key strategies to bring more to the fold. To cultivate instructional technology and research, the College poses a challenge to "move out of comfort zones for the sake of learning, authenticity and integrity" to "foster intellectual and personal breakthroughs." (Conversation, the way to formation and transformation - Education within the Benedictine Wisdom Tradition. 2007.)


Programs include support to graduate studies and scholarly works such as publication in high impact journals, journal presentation in local and international conferences and networking with institutions in the country and abroad.


The Office of the Rector-President through ORI and the RDC utilizes this program to form a faculty at pace with the continuous surge of globalization and the up-spiral demands of the industry. The vision to form the Filipino youth in service to the country and the Church requires faculty members who are academic trail blazers avant-garde in their respective fields of discipline.


To this end, the College initiated various platforms to continuously elevate the faculty. Among these is the support for graduate studies either in SBU or other higher learning institutions in the country our abroad.