The San Beda University Institutional Community Involvement Center (ICIC) carries significant tasks for the school to achieve its corporate social responsibility, and contribute its part in nation-building. It is also the locus of learning opportunities which could offer students, faculty and administrators the avenue for community-based research and integrated instruction that could sharpen specific areas of expertise and technology.

Since its foundation on June 17, 1901, San Beda University (SBU), as one of the leading Higher Educational Institutions of the country, continues to echo the blending synergy of fides (faith), scientia (knowledge) and virtus (virtue) which enable members of the SBU community to become “catalysts of social transformation and development among people and communities and be a herald of the Christian mission of love and service to others, most especially  the poor and the marginalized.”

ICIC strives to connect the institution to the communities by the implementation of relevant programs aligned with to the skills and specialization of its students and faculty as well as the needs of its target groups and partner communities.


1. Empower both the people in the partner communities and SBC students, faculty and staff through service-learning initiatives that allow critical reflection and productive engagement;

2. Provide opportunities for linkages and collaborative partnerships that could elevate the level of awareness for the Bedan community members and partners to the dynamics of participatory development;

3. Enable partner communities to initiate income generating projects and develop effective marketing strategies for sustainable livelihood;

4. Utilize research as a vehicle to deepen the SBC community’s understanding of social issues; and

5. Benchmark the best practices of outreach and community engagements of higher educational institutions.