Thus, upon completion of their respective study programs, SBU-GSB student should have become:

Proficient both in oral and written communication;

Adequately informed about the significant political, social, economic, and technological variables affecting the business environment today from both the macro and micro perspectives;

Adept in the use of computer and their respective applications in the operations of a business;

Knowledgeable of the fundamental business management concepts and functions;

Analytical in the understanding of human behavior in the workplace;

Knowledgeable and exposed to marketing principles and realities;

Adept in the ability to evaluate the financial capabilities and operations of organizations;

Proficient in the use of quantitative tools and techniques necessary in decision making;

Exposed to various production concepts and operations;

Exposed to relevant and significant management strategies;

Aware of business and management ethical issues which are critical and inevitably part of the industry and the corporate world; and

Knowledgeable of recent business trends and developments in society and the global community.


Welcome to the Graduate School of Business!

In the face of a challenging and widely changing business environment, San Beda opened its doors for professionals and entrepreneurs to provide value adding differences in their career and business organizations. We are an institution built on the competency, experiences and wisdom of its faculty who are top business practitioners belonging in the highest management echelon of various companies. Students enrolled are expected to translate their higher level of knowledge in their respective organizations to lead, to innovate, to make a difference, to formulate and implement strategy, to accelerate growth, to improve profits and to be relevant in the society. Enroll in our Master of Business Administration or Doctor of Business Administration program and rise to the top with a Bedan business education advantage.

Dr. Ramon Ricardo A. Roque, CESO I, Diplomate
Dean, Graduate School of Business

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Graduate School of Business

The San Beda University  Graduate School of Business (SBU-GSB) is an academic institution that offers a graduate degree leading to Master in Business Administration (MBA)and Doctor in Business Administration (DBA).

In light of the vision-mission of San Beda University , the Graduate School of Business envisions men and women who are:

PROFESSIONALLY COMPETENT as corporate and business individuals;

FULLY AWARE of their significant role in nation-building; and

RESPONSIBLY COMMITTED as agents of change for the betterment of society and the greater glory of God.