San Beda University, a Catholic educational institution, is committed to the Christian formation of the Bedan Community as its service to the Church, the Philippine society, and the world.


San Beda University envisions a Community that is:

  • Fully Human
  • Wholly Christian
  • Truly Filipino
  • Globally Competitive


San Beda University aims to form its members in:

  • Faith (Fides)
  • Knowledge (Scientia)
  • Virtue (Virtus)

and inculcate in them the Benedictine core values of prayer and work (ora et labora) that include:

  • Study
  • Community
  • Pursuit of Peace

Institutional Outcomes

The Bedan…

  • embodies the core Benedictine values in professional life, and witnesses to the Kingdom of God, the fulfillment of all of God’s plans for the world in Jesus Christ;
  • leads in the professions, in industry,
    in national, regional, and global contexts;

  • engages continually in research and
    contributes to the advancement of knowledge; and

  • integrates learning and the welfare of the community
    as servant-leader and steward of creation.

The Ten Hallmarks of Benedictine Education

1. Love of Christ and neighbor

2. Prayer: A life marked by liturgy, lectio and mindfulness

3. Stability: commitment to the daily life of this place, its heritage and tradition

4. Conversatio: the way of formation and transformation

5. Obedience: a commitment to listening and consequent action

6. Discipline: a way toward learning and freedom

7. Humility: knowledge of self in relation to God, others and creation

8. Stewardship: responsible use of creation and arts

9. Hospitality: openness to the other 

10. Community: call to serve the common good

Institutional Objectives

1. Benedictine Identity, Mission, Culture

Foster a Christian community of prayer, work and peace founded on faith, knowledge and virtues.

2. Leadership, Administration, and Governance

Cultivate transformative leadership and governance.

3. Relevant Curriculum Programs

Provide relevant curricula aligned with San Beda College's Vision-Mission Identity as well as with local and international standards.

4. Teaching Excellence

Deliver quality instruction through teaching excellence by competent faculty.

5. Resource Materials and Facilities

Utilize upgraded resource materials and facilities for effective learning.

6. Quality and Relevant Research and Intellectual Contribution

Build a culture of innovative research for knowledge advancement.

7. High Involvement in Extension Services

Engage the Bedan community in transforming lives.

8. Efficient Student Services

Render responsive services for holistic student development.

9. External Linkages

Harness value-adding linkages in local and global educational cooperation.

10. Recognition and Accreditation

Offer accredited programs and services for quality assurance.