The San Beda University Research Vision

San Beda University envisions itself as a credible, inventive, and efficient community of scholars and innovators who are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and engage in responsible, collaborative, and courageous research, development, and enterprise that transforms the ways we conceptualize, manage, study, and act in the world. Our scholarly, technological, and creative outputs demonstrate the harmony of faith and science, foster insights on the cognitive, historical, cultural, artistic, and social aspects of human life, advance a deeper understanding of ourselves and of the world around us, and are instrumental to the social, economic, and spiritual development of the Filipino and of society.

Our Mission

To achieve our Research Vision, the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI), under the Office of the Rector-President, oversees and manages the institutional research and scholarly activities with the aim of strengthening and expanding the quality, stature, and vitality of the University’s research enterprise.

Our Organization

The ORI is headed by the Vice-President for Research and Innovation, who is delegated with the authority and responsibility of:

  • Superintending the implementation of the University’s research policies;

  • Developing and updating the institutional research agenda following the annual submission of research priorities by deans and department heads;

  • Drawing up the budgetary requirements for institutional and college or departmental research in coordination with the Vice-President for Finance;

  • Managing the uptake of research outputs from leading universities, nationally, regionally, and internationally, and their beneficial use by the academic departments.

Assisting the Vice-President for Research and Innovation are the following:

  • Director, Research and Development Center: Develops and implements the University’s research capacity-building program to hone the technical, cognitive, and behavioral research skills of faculty and graduate students. The Director manages the San Beda Research Development Center

  • Associate for Research Integrity: Ensures that the design, implementation, and evaluation of prospective and ongoing research projects in the University are in accordance with local and global scientific, disciplinary, and ethical standards.

  • Associate for Project Management and Resource Generation: Assists in the acquisition and administration of research grants to ensure compliance with institutional guidelines and terms stipulated by external contract and / or grant agreements.

  • Associate for Dissemination and Publication: Oversees the planning, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of research dissemination activities and services to promote and support research sharing & collaboration.