The Seal of San Beda University

San Beda’s Benedictine roots are indicated by the upper section of the coat of arms. The word PAX (Latin for peace) is combined with mountains - the locale for many Benedictine abbeys - and a cross with two horizontal beams. The two horizontal beams declare that “I will carry another’s cross”. 

The middle section stands for the educational nature of the organization. The two doves represent the students drinking from the fountain of knowledge, San Beda University. 

The bottom section contains a tower and sea-lion (half lion – half dolphin), the original heraldic symbols for the city of Manila, where San Beda was founded in 1901.

 The shield itself is a symbol for protection, especially when used in a phalanx. The motto of the university is inscribed on the scroll below the shield: Fides (faith), Scientia (knowledge), Virtus (virtue). 

The name of the university is contained in a circular band that evokes wholeness and timelessness. The color red proclaims bravery. White stands for purity.

Emblem of the University

The emblem of the University is the RED LION.

The color red stands for courage, while white is for purity.

Alma Mater Hymn

Lyrics by Atty. Raul S. Roco

Composed by Fr. Benildus Maramba, OSB

Herald the Bedans coming 

May their fellowship never cease; 

Molded by bold, undaunted men 

of pray'r, work and peace.

Through the carefree days of our childhood 

And the visions of our youth 

You gave us the wisdom of Benedict's soul 

Faith in God and love of the truth.

When we encounter trails and hardships, 

We shall give you honor and fame, 

For nothing but these show our loyalty clear 

To our Alma Mater's name.

Bring out the challenges, we'll win them all 

And fear neither fire nor blood 

Bedans will answer the clarion call 

For San Beda, our country and God.