Social Action Program

San Beda University Basic Education Department believes that its students should be exposed to various social situations and realities which are prevalent in Philippine society.

Aside from its commitment to quality education, it also believes that the school serves as a bridge to widen the student’s horizons, most particularly the participation of the students in community service and development.

Although the BED-SAP is following the general direction of the ICIC as its mother institution, BED-SAP, having different conditions is catering to secondary and elementary students in which capacities are different from that of tertiary, have crafted different Vision, Missions and Objectives. It was made sure that the Vision, Mission, Objectives and specially the activities were designed in ways that would pattern to the capacities that of high school students and at the same time, they will find enjoyment and fulfillment as they do their community engagement activities.


Guided by the Benedictine core values, the Basic Education Department through the Social Action Program envisions itself as a community advocating social change with partner communities with whom we have sustained relationship.


To provide students, faculty members, administrators and other stakeholders, including parents and alumni, development programs that incarnate Benedictine and Gospel values through engagement in community work.