Science Laboratory

Welcome to San Beda University! Welcome to the Science Laboratories!


               The Science Laboratories envisions to continuously grow and develop as learning centers in support of the goals of the instructional program to impart the Benedictine ideals and attain academic excellence and global competitiveness in a safe and conducive learning environment through the provision of quality service to students and teachers engaged in scientific investigations, up-to-date science equipment and apparatus, well maintained laboratory rooms and professionally trained laboratory staff.


               The Science Laboratories is committed to providing quality service and assistance to students and teachers, who are conducting scientific investigations in pursuit of attaining academic excellence and development of scientific attitudes and Christian values that are valuable in lifelong learning. The Science Laboratories will continue to serve and assist the students and teachers to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, develop the scientific method of problem-solving, and acquire the skills that are needed to make them fully human, wholly Christian, and truly Filipino.

The science laboratories in the Manila campus are located at St. Maur’s Building.

The Research, Microbiology, Physics laboratories and main office are located on the 2nd floor

Research Laboratory is used in Human Biology classes with Laboratory Investigations and mini-research requirements. It is equipped with, Rotary Evaporator with recirculating chiller, electronic microscopes, bacterial refrigerator, centrifuge, autoclave, furnace, and spectrophotometer and computer units with an internet connection.

Dr. Fedeliz S. Tuy, the Head of Science Laboratories, has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Doctor of Education major in Educational Management. She has been in the academe teaching Chemistry; Biology; Earth Science; and Science, Technology, and Society for 25 years. Before she was appointed Head of the Science lab, she used to hold several positions in the College of Arts and Sciences such as Assistant Prefect of Student Affairs, Associate Vice Dean, and Associate for Research Dissemination and Publication under the Office of Research & Innovation.

The working force in Manila Campus:

Miss Roda A. Reyes, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, is a former Science teacher in the grade school department of IBED, San Beda University (Manila & Rizal Campuses) from 1988 to 2011. She transferred to the Science Laboratories with Special Details as a laboratory technician in the year 2012.

Mr. George Santos was transferred to the laboratories. He has been serving in the lab as a laboratory aide together with Clemente Trazo and Reynaldo Madlangbayan.

They rendered services to the following department such as IBED, CAS, COM, and CON.