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Institutional Goals of San Beda University

The task is three-fold:

1. To provide students with a relevant Christian education:
By assisting them in the attainment of self-realization as individual persons;
By developing their physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social potentialities;
By giving them the necessary training for professional work grounded upon sound Christian values;
By creating opportunities that will enable them to dedicate themselves and become more deeply committed to Christ and his Church.

2. To facilitate the intellectual development of the students to the maximum:
By training them in the methods of scholarship, research, and creative endeavors;
By providing them with skills and experiences which will maximize their chance for meaningful, dignified life and responsible role in society;
By molding their attitude and strengthening their love for truth, peace, and justice.

3. To contribute to the progress of society:
By maintaining a high standard in all programs engaged in;
By cooperating in the advancement of knowledge and culture;
By affording a working atmosphere conducive to the personal and professional growth of the school personnel.

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Basic Education Department Philosophy and Goals of Education

Committed to the Christian vision of man, inspired by the Benedictine ideals, adapting to the Filipino learner’s needs and situation, guided by the contemporary findings on learning processes and facilitating conditions, San Beda University Basic Education Department has evolved a philosophy of education which affirms:

1. that education is a life-long process of the “bringing forth”, the actualization of the limitless possibilities of the person;

2. that the school, in our age, is a phase in the process of a person’s growth, and is the formal facilitating factor in the child’s learning;

3. that communication is the process whereby a message becomes common to both the giver and the receiver of the communication;

4. that learning is the change effected in the life of a person due to exposure to an experience;

5. that teaching facilitates learning by putting together those conditions most conducive to learning;

6. that encounter, which is the meeting of persons in the context of respect and acceptance, is the necessary condition of learning.

As a Benedictine School and following fourteen centuries of Benedictine tradition, San Beda University Basic Education Department, administered by the monks of St. Benedict, offers what is authentically the monastic heritage.

Experience of the Gospel message of loving fellowship
Appreciation of the liturgy
Sensitive openness to the divine dimension of human life
disciplined pursuit of studies