The Powers of the President under Philippine Constitutions
Justice Adolf Azcuna
For: JSD, LLM Constitutional Law, MSL Criminal Justice Admin

Law and Economics in Pandemic Times
Dean Sedfrey Candelaria
For: LLM Commercial Law, LLM Civil Law, MLS Economic Law

Commercial Contracts in the Face of Pandemics and Other Emergency Situations
Justice Jose Vitug
For: JSD, LLM Civil Law, LLM Commercial Law, MLS Economic Law

Tuttil Fratelli and the Rule of Law
Dr. Tony La Vina
For: JSD, LLM International Law, MLS Criminal Justice Admin, MLS for Priests

A Natural Law Approach to Rights Claims
Dr. Jemy Gatdula
For: JSD, LLM all tracks; MLS  all specializations

Climate Change: International and Domestic Regulatory Action
Dr. Manuel Solis
For: JSD, LLM International Law, MLS International Law

Forensic Evidence of Human Rights Violations
Dr. Peter Ng
For: LLM all tracks; MLS Criminal Justice Admin

Canon Law: De Normis Generalibus (General Norms)
Mons. Gary Formoso
For: All students who have not yet taken this subject.  This is a mandated subject; LLM Canon Law, MLS for Priests.

Sanctions in the Church
Mons. Gary Formoso
For: LLM Canon Law, MLS for Priests

The Concept of Earned Sovereignty
Dr. George Carmona
For: JSD, LLM International Law, LLM Constitutional Law, MLS International Law

Issues on Land Use and Land Conversion
Com. Linda Hornilla
For: LLM Civil Law, LLM Commercial Law, MLS Economic Law

The Bangsamoro Experience and Islamic Law
Fr. Eliseo Mercado, OMI
For: JSD, LLM International Law, MLS all specializations

Marriage in the Philippine Civil Code and State Policy on Marriage in the Family in the 1987 Constitution
Dean Mel Sta. Maria
For: LLM Civil Law

Advanced Legal Writing and Legal English
Prof. John Boyd
For: LLM all tracks; MLS all specializations

The Law on Extradition and the Transfer of Sentenced Persons
Prof. Ricardo Sunga
For: LLM International Law, MLS International Law, MLS Criminal Justice Admin

The Philosophy of the Civil Code
Dean Ranhilio Callangan Aquino
For: JSD, LLM Civil Law; MLS Economic Law

Banking Laws and the Regulation of Cryptocurrency
Prof. Dax Salido
For: LLM Commercial Law, MLS Economic Law

Public Ecclesiastical Law
Fr. Danny Flores
For: JSD, LLM International Law, LLM Civil Law, MLS for Priests

Law and Governance in Developing Countries
Prof. Karen Jimeno
For: LLM Civil Law, LLM Commercial Law, MLS Economic Law

International Commercial Arbitration
Prof. Palash Gupta
For: LLM Civil Law, LLM Commercial Law, MLS Economic Law

Management and Administration of Correctional Systems: Foreign Experiences
Dr. Pablo Narag
For: MLS Criminal Justice Admin ONLY (Cagayan State University Linkage)

FOR PRIESTS:(Aside from the subjects identified for priests above, the following subjects are required)

Philippine Criminal Law
Judge Selma Palacio Alaras
For: MLS for Priests

Philippine Law and Jurisprudence 2
Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino
For: MLS for Priests

Important notes:
1.  Students ARE NO LONGER grouped according to extension schools and the Mendiola campus.  ALL students may select ANY of four subjects.  HOWEVER, to qualify for an LLM Track, the student should earn at least 18 units throughout the entire program in the subject.  The same rule applies to MLS.  MLS students must always have a specialization.

2.  At the end of each course, the professors will require of each student one publishable article, thoroughly researched, that inter alia, will constitute the completion requirement of the student for that particular subject.

3.  NO student may enroll more than twice under the same professor for the entire course of study for a particular degree.

4.  Candidates for graduation must apply for evaluation at the beginning of this semester.

5. All LLM students of all tracks must complete at least one subject in constitutional law, one subject in the Philosophy of Law and the institutional requirement: General Norms of Canon Law.

6.  The LEB-approved nomenclature for the MLS program for priests is MLS "Utriusque Juris".

7.  For LLM Canon Law students, 21 units of canon law at least, must be earned.  The rest of the subjects can come from other tracks, provided that: the required philosophy, constitutional law and institutionally mandated courses are complied with.

8.  This semester, regardless of the declared condition of public order (GCQ, ECQ, MECQ, MGCQ) all subjects will be MET ONLINE.  All requirements will also be submitted electronically.  Professors are requested to ask their students to take a picture of each class session and to send it to me by Messenger or Email, since this is required by the Academic Council of San Beda University.

9.  The rule for attendance is the same: After two absences in online sessions, the student is dropped.


Doctor of Juridical Science (JSD)

  Master of Comparative Law
  Doctor of Canon Law (JCD)

Master of Laws (LLM)

  Civil Law
  Commercial Law
  Constitutional Law
  International Law
  Canon Law

  Bachelor of Laws  
  Juris Doctor

Note: Non-Members of the Bar may also be admitted provided that they have a JD or an LLB with a GPA of 90.

Master of Legal Studies (MLS)

   Criminal Justice Administration
   Economic law
   International Law

   LLB or JD
   Bachelor’s Degree with 18 units in the Social Sciences

Special Program for Priests and Curial Personnel:  
Master of Legal Studies

Philippine and Canon Law

Goals – Departmental Output

The Graduate School of Law will graduate professionals and academics who, having developed strong research competencies and acquired an academic approach to the study of law as a distinct academic discipline, and faithful to their vocation as Christians, shall contribute to the understanding of law in relation to social order and the country’s role in an integrated region and a global community.


This year saw the Supreme Court handing down rulings with far-reaching consequences. In the same measure the Legislature has enacted statute breaking new ground. I can foresee that even more challenging, trying and intricate questions will come before the court this coming year and in the years ahead, even as our Legislature forges ahead with game-changing legislation.

In all this, there are assumptions about the human person, human nature and what a “good life” in an organized community should be. These are intensely philosophical questions — but without clear answers, no matter that they may be subject to revision later on — the law remains blind, clueless and rudderless.

Answering questions of this sort is the task of a Graduate School of Law. It is my good fortune to have had the honor to invite some of the most respected persons in the field of legal and juridical academia. They form our professorial corps, and I have absolutely no doubt that they lead our students through exciting and at the same time involved explorations far below the surface of the terrain on which law schools tread. After all, a Graduate School of Law is not and should not be a continuation of law school.
But because we keep ever before us our Benedictine heritage, our Graduate School of Law strives to serve the Church. For us, this is not some adventitious concern. It is at the heart of our existence. This year, therefore, we have commenced a new specialization in our Master of Legal Studies and Master of Laws program — Canon Law. We are also extremely pleased to graduate our first batch of priests who have completed the Master of Legal Studies, utriusque juris course.

Light in the darkness — that is who Benedict was. That is what ever Benedictine monastery is. Ora et Labora — without frills, without fanfare. That too best characterizes our Graduate School of Law.That in all things, God may be glorified.

Fr. Ranhilio C. Aquino, PhD, JD, JSD
Dean, Graduate School of Law

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Graduate School of Law


We envision the Graduate School of Law of San Beda University as a center of scholarly studies in the discipline of law making available the highest standards of advanced legal education in the country.


We make it our mission to contribute to the development of the scholarly study of the law in the country, inspired by the mission of the Church and animated by the Core Benedictine Values.