The INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA CENTER (IMC) is also one of the repository of educational resources of the University. It is a centralized unit that serves the academic departments, service offices and the Abbey.  The IMC collection includes audio-visual materials and equipment that help enhance the teaching-learning process and make classroom instructions more productive and interactive. The Center administers the acquisition, circulation, management, and maintenance of these multimedia resources.  Technical assistance and circulation of AV equipment installed in each classroom are managed by the IMC Extension Offices for easy access and efficient delivery of service for instructional purposes.

Moreover, the Center also provides audio-visual/technical services in the program/activity held in any of the school facilities for the extra-curricular or non-classroom instructional activities of the academic departments and office sponsored activities of the school. 

The IMC’s authorized users are the students, faculty members, administrators, non-academic personnel, and Members of the Benedictine Community.  However, alumni, faculty members, and students of other learning institutions as well as review centers and government agencies/offices who want to avail the resources, services, and facilities of the institution are also entertained provided they are not in conflict with the school’s programs and activities.  The institution’s programs and activities are always given priority even if a reservation has already been granted.



Main Office – Ground Floor, St. Bede’s Bldg.

Extension 1 Office – 3rd Floor, St. Anselm’s Bldg.

Extension 2 Office – 3rd Floor, St. Bede’s Bldg.


8726-2332 local 2550/2127



Monday – Friday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday 7:00 am to 8:00 pm


  • circulation of multimedia resources and preparation of reserved school facilities
  • technical assistance in the use of multimedia resources (equipment and materials)
  • provision of sound system in the open venues of the school
  • video recording of departmental/institutional activities
  • video editing of administration sponsored activities
  • audio recording of meeting/conference
  • recopying of SBU activity tape for a fee
  • repair and maintenance of AV equipment/resources
  • upkeep and maintenance of facilities under the IMC

GENERAL POLICIES:  IMC observes the “first come first served” policy.

A. Use of AV Equipment/Materials

  1. Reservation of AV equipment/materials with the IMC Circulation Staff shall be made 24 hours in advance.

  2. The borrower’s validated school ID is surrendered to the Circulation Counter when borrowing IMC resources for safety and accountability purposes.  ID will be given back to the borrower upon return of the borrowed resources.  Using the ID card of another person in borrowing is totally prohibited.

  3. Reservation form for the use of equipment/materials should be properly endorsed by any of the following:

    - Dean/Vice Dean
    - Prefect of Student Activities
    - Program Chair
    - Professor

  4. All borrowed resources must be returned immediately after use.  Overnight borrowing is not allowed.

  5. A letter of request should be made for the use of equipment/materials outside the campus properly endorsed by the Dean of the department concerned. Reservation should be made a week before the scheduled activity and the approval of the Vice President for Finance must also be secured.

  6. The borrower is advised to read the Acknowledgment on the terms and conditions stated in the printed receipt of the borrowed equipment/materials before affixing his/her signature on it.

  7. Any damage or loss of borrowed resources (accidental/intentional) shall be the responsibility of the borrower.  Payment to such damage/loss shall be made to the Accounting Office.

B. Use of Facilities

  1. Reservation for the use of venues/facilities should always be made in advance, at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled activity. Reservation for special activities within the academic year may also be made provided the Center is informed of the exact date/dates of activity within seven (7) days starting from the day the reservation was made.  Failure to inform the Office after seven (7) days would mean that the reservation is cancelled and will be opened again for booking to other users/departments.
  2. Reservation Form for the use of the facilities should be properly endorsed by any of the following:

    - Dean or Vice Dean

    - Prefect of Student Activities

    - Area Chair and/or Moderator

  3. Eating, drinking, and littering are strictly forbidden inside the reserved facility.

  4. Reservation for the use of school facilities must have the approval of the Vice President for Administration.

  5. The faculty in-charge or the person responsible must be around throughout the activity when using the facilities.  He/she will be held accountable for any damage/loss incurred to the facility and equipment during the conduct of the activity.

  6. Should admission tickets be sold by the department/association/organization sponsoring a program/activity or should any form of charges be made for admission, said department/organization/association shall be charged for the use of the facilities and equipment.

  7. All films (in any format) and other instructional materials intended for use should be submitted to the IMC Office for screening and preliminary preparation.

  8. Notice of postponement should be forwarded to the Office for acknowledgment.

  9. The IMC Office may cancel or revoke a request granted in case of misrepresentation and/or violation of any of the guidelines herein.


The IMC provides technical services and oversees the conduct of activities inside the venue like:

  1. The Abbot Lopez Hall which is a theater hall especially designed for concerts, cultural presentations, assemblies, seminars/conferences, academic convocations and the like.  It is installed with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems including Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras perfect for live or online streaming of program/activity. The aesthetically-designed hall with its soundproofed walls can accommodate around 336 people.
  2. The highly-equipped Auditorium of the University that can accommodate about 836 people is found at the 2nd Floor of the new building.  The venue serves as an ideal place for non-classroom instructional activities like conventions/ symposia/ assemblies/ fora/ conferences for the local, national, and international activities of the institution.
  3. The Conference Hall is a venue appropriate for academic convocations and contests, seminars/conferences, assemblies, and other programs/activities.  436 people can be accommodated inside the Hall.  It is strategically located at the GF of St. Anselm’s Hall.
  4. The Multimedia Room or MMR is an ideal place for debates, meetings, group dynamics sessions and film viewing.  It can seat 70 people.


  1. The Pamanang Bedista is located at the ground floor of St. Bede’s Building.  It has three (3) main facilities:  the Museum, the Art Gallery and the Multimedia Room.  The PB-MMR is an ideal venue for academic convocations, conferences, assemblies and the like. About 93 – 100 people can be taken inside the room.
  2. The Moot Court is a good replica of a court room.  It gives our law students the chance to practice, feel and experience the bustle of activities in court proceedings.  It can also be used as venue for lectures, seminars or as viewing room. The room can seat 50 – 60 persons.

Policies and Guidelines on the Use of Learning Resources/Materials for Visiting Users

  1. SBU alumni should secure valid alumni ID card from the Alumni Office before availing of the learning resources/materials.

  2. Faculty and students from the member-schools of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines-National Capital Region (CEAP-NCR) Tertiary Level and members of the Mendiola Consortium (MC) schools are exempted from payment of the visiting user’s fee. This is in accordance to the consortium agreement among CEAP-NCR and MC member-schools.

  3. Visiting user/s must present a referral letter that bears the CEAP-NCR or MC letterhead approved by the current Board Chair of the CEAP-NCR or the Board of Directors’ Chair of Mendiola Consortium to avail of this privilege.

  4. Other visiting user/s must present a letter of request that bears their school/company/office letterhead addressed to the Director of Institutional Learning Resources regarding the request for learning resources/materials properly endorsed by their librarian/supervisor.

  5. The request should be made at least three (3) days prior to the visit to give the IMC personnel enough time to make the resources/materials available on the specified date and time of the visit.  Availment of such is free of charge.

  6. As a general rule, visiting users are requested to observe strictly the proper dress code inside the campus. Wearing of sleeveless dress/blouse, mini skirt, short pants, plunging neckline or any other revealing outfit as well as footwear like slippers/rubber sandals (flip flops, thongs) are not allowed inside the campus premises.