Making a choice is a critical phase in life. If you make good choices, you can blossom and set yourself up for success later in life. To our beloved pupils and students, I warmly and deeply thank you for making San Beda University your best choice to assist you in honing your God-given talents and in molding your personhood as capable, responsible and God- fearing individuals.

To all our parent-stakeholders, thank you for entrusting your children to our care. I always believe that our relationship is extremely vital in creating and maintaining a positive and safe school culture and climate. It is therefore imperative that we are on the same team in raising our children to achieve excellence in all aspects of learning, with great emphasis on character formation. Mutual and sincere collaboration is a must in this partnership. In this way, we become faithful stewards to our children, the best of God’s creation.

Welcome back to all our returning pupils and students. Your responsibility now includes nurturing, guiding and supporting all incoming pupils and students of San Beda family.

I am confident that you will inspire all new members of the institution to embrace wholeheartedly the hallmarks of St. Benedict and the ideals of St Bede, by helping us create a thoughtful and supportive school community.

Animo San Beda!

Rev. Fr. Aloysius Ma. A. Maranan, OSB
First University Rector-President