Congratulations to all our new Bedan lawyers for successfully passing the 2023 national Bar Examinations, and for an excellent record of making San Beda University as TOP 2 Schools among Philippine Law Schools with a 92.20 passing percentage.

Moreover three Bedans garnered the 3rd, 11th and 18th places among the Top 20 Bar Examinees . They are Frances Camille Francisco, Maria Sofia Calderon and Rockylle Balisong, respectively. Congratulations 

The national passing percentage is 36.77%.

On behalf of the University administrators, faculty and students, let me express utmost gratitude and congratulations to our fantabulous College of Law Dean Rocky Delson and Vice Dean Cheska Senga, and all the indefatigable COL administrators, faculty and Bar Ops members for this commendable achievement. 

We are proud of you. May you have more sterling academic feats for San Beda, our country and God. Prayers and Blessings. . Animo San Beda!

That in all things God may be glorified.

In St Bede,

Rev. Fr. Aloysius Ma. A. Maranan


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