Interaction among students and between students and faculty outside the classrooms is a valuable feature of a healthy, coherent and integrated learning experience for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. The variety of student organizations and extra-curricular activities commonly engaged in by the CAS community are designed to bolster the students’ self-confidence, celebrate their gifts of self, deepen their appreciation for building communities, instill a passion for service to others and the country, raise their sensitivity to and understanding of racial, cultural and gender differences, and provide a chance for reflection, humility and prayer.

Spriritual retreats, personality development and formation seminars, intramural sports and games, talent shows, business start-up popshops, quiz bees, induction programs, professional workshops, scholarly lectures and presentations, San Beda Abroad program, out-of-town team building activities and youthful fun are just some of the myriad colours that characterize student life in the CAS.