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The San Beda College Graduate School of Business (SBC-GSB) is an academic institution that offers a graduate degree leading to Master of Business Administration (MBA)and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).
The Graduate School of Business advances quality management through thought leadership and enhancement of strategic capabilities in a local and global context.
There can hardly be doubt that the Graduate School of Law of San Beda College is now the best-known Graduate School of Law in the country. It also has the highest population, while it steadfastly maintains standards that place local graduate education at par with foreign graduate legal education.
The Graduate School of Law has added the Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S.) program to its present offerings. Under the Master of Legal Studies program, a graduate of law, whether possessing an Ll.B. or a J.D. degree is, after enrolling in two academic semesters at the Graduate School of Law, awarded a Master of Legal Studies degree. This provides with law graduates the opportunity to convert their post-baccalaureate Ll.B. or J.D. degrees into a master’s degree that should enable them to teach in higher education institutions.
With its corps of professors and mentors who are holders of licentiate and doctoral degrees in Sacred Liturgy mostly from the Pontifical Institute of Liturgy in Rome, GSL is the only graduate level school of liturgy in the country with masteral and doctoral programs in liturgy. It offers a two-track MA program consisting of an academic MA degree (MA in Liturgy) and a professional (non-thesis) MA degree (MA in Liturgical Studies).
The SBC Graduate School of Liturgy is envisioned to contribute to the continuing formation and training of the personnel for liturgical ministry and education in the Philippine Church. Through its Master of Arts program, the SBC Graduate School of Liturgy aims to form and train professors of liturgy, liturgy formators, directors of liturgical committees, and parish liturgy coordinators. The doctoral program, in turn, advances the aim of the MA program seeking to enhance the candidates’ ability to handle liturgical matters, issues, and questions in all pertinent aspects—historical, theological, celebrative, and pastoral—for teaching, ministry, and research.
San Beda College of Medicine offers a 4-year MD program designed according to the Commission of Higher Education’s Outcome-Based Medical Education model. The medical curriculum develops a strong foundation in the basic medical sciences leading to effective clinical reasoning and decision-making.
A Benedictine community dedicated to excellence in the ministry of healing and stewardship of health.
To nurture Bedan Physicians who will be dynamic and innovative leaders in service, teaching and research, founded on the core values of prayer and work.
The San Beda College of Law aims to produce competent Christian lawyers – lawyers who are learned in the law and who conduct themselves according to Christian principles and to the noblest traditions of the bench and the bar. To realize this objective, we educate the mind with the legal provisions and the heart with justice, civic consciousness, and respect for law, authority, and human rights.
With the unqualified support of the Benedictine community and the passion of a distinguished faculty, the College of Law aims to attain academic excellence. More than imparting a great ability in the noble field of law, the school endeavors to imbibe to its students the Christian tenets of unwavering adherence to a righteous cause, fairness in conduct and respect for the rights of others.
The College offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree course, which is a competency based, community-oriented and Christian value-based education. Effective and efficient curriculum implementation is reflected in providing theories (didactics) of professional subjects prior to exposure in the clinical area, thereby giving students a competitive edge in terms of cognitive competency needed in the Related Learning Experiences (RLE).
The SBC-CON envisions "to become as one of the finest nursing schools" as affirmed by the following articulations of the SBC-CON Core Values.
Core Values
1. Holistic development of contemporary life long learners
2. Nursing aptitude and capability building for life long effectiveness
3. Training and development of related health care multiple competencies
4. Knowledge, Skills and Attitude (KSA) competency learning for global competitiveness
The College of Arts and Sciences is by far the largest of the colleges in San Beda College. Currently enrolling over 4000 students, it has eight undergraduate degree programs led by its nationally recognized Accountancy Program, conducting instruction, research and outreach in a wide variety of disciplines.
The variety of student organizations and extra-curricular activities commonly engaged in by the CAS community are designed to bolster the students’ self-confidence, celebrate their gifts of self, deepen their appreciation for building communities, instill a passion for service to others and the country, raise their sensitivity to and understanding of racial, cultural and gender differences, and provide a chance for reflection, humility and prayer.
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Awarding of the resolution of the City of Manila recognizing San Beda's excellence as a University.
GSB Dean Dr. Ramon Ricardo A. Roque, CESO I, Diplomate presented his paper in the US.